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"We serve the community with 

those behind bars to stay connected to family and friends"

About Us

Azul X was created to serve the community and their family members that are incarcerated in an effort to help them build stronger family ties and to solve the biggest problem within the prison system, which is an affordable way to visit someone in prison. 

Azul X has been in development now for five years, however the moment has come with the help of inmates families and their input. The idea was created by an inmate and his wife due to the harsh reality that it was difficult on their relationship because the prison was far and the financial burden it put on them. The wife formed the company to help other struggling families and friends to be able to see their loved ones behind bars. 

Azul X is a one of a kind transportation company that caters to inmates family needs. We are very professional, family oriented, and prideful to serve the community of individuals that have been forgotten.  

We look forward to serving you!


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